"We believe in growing with our customers and we believe in HubSpot," says Alison Leishman, strategic director at Spitfire. "Through our years as a HubSpot partner, we have learned how to use HubSpot to its full potential."

"We have also seen and experienced the challenges of remaining up to date with this ever-growing platform and believe that we are well equipped to share this knowledge with other HubSpot users. [This] is why we decided to start the academy — to help users practically apply the technology to their business," adds Leishman.

"What's more, we boast one of only two HubSpot certified trainers in South Africa, putting us in the perfect position to help businesses use these tools to their full potential," Leishman says. 

The Spitfire Inbound Academy will be running quarterly courses on specific HubSpot skills. The first quarter will focus on:
  • Inbound Fundamentals — utilising the free HubSpot functionalities,
  • Marketing Hub — developing inbound campaign strategies, elements and using the HubSpot campaign tool optimally,
  • Sales Hub — using the HubSpot sales hub to improve sales team efficiency, and
  • Service Hub — setting up Service hub to delight your customers.
In addition to this, there will be a quarterly session focused on teaching users how to implement the changes that have been released on the platform for that period, ensuring that they remain up to date.

"For me personally, Spitfire has taken away my fear of the HubSpot tool," says Hannah Burns, marketing specialist at Rentokil Initial. "They not only trained me so that I could then train our large European team, but dedicated time to understand how our business works so that they could back with suggestions that align with our business goals. They consistently go above and beyond."

"Digital marketing is ever-changing and being able to stay up to date is essential, but [it] can be challenging," says Nicole Sengers, principal IMS and HubSpot certified trainer at Spitfire. "There are so many tools to choose from — all at a cost — so understanding how to use the technology to its full extent is crucial."

"HubSpot is a powerful platform that is able to integrate into your digital landscape, and if you couple this with a clear understanding of not only your inbound strategy but also on how to use and apply this strategy in HubSpot, it can be a game-changer for businesses, especially in a constrained market," adds Sengers.

"What's more, there are so many training opportunities that the challenge is how to translate this theory into action. Putting practical skills into the hands of local businesses resonates with the fabric of who we are," concludes Senger.

Resources on the Spitfire Inbound Academy and its courses are available here

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