The Effie Awards South Africa, officially launched at the end of 2019, aims to provide brands and their agency partners the opportunity to receive global recognition for their most effective marketing and communications campaigns.

"The pandemic has unfortunately resulted in not only changing the entire marketing and communication landscape and how agencies have had to adapt and re-focus, but it has left a void to some extent in the recognition of effectiveness in marketing campaigns," says Mathe Okaba, CEO of the ACA.

"Effie's mission is to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness. We are relieved that we'll be hosting the first globally recognised marketing effectiveness awards programme in South Africa in 2021," adds Okaba.

Launched in 1968, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with over 50 global, regional and national programmes across:
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Latin America, and
  • North America.
Effie South Africa joined the Effie network as the 49th national programme. 

Effie South Africa finalists and winners will receive points towards the Global Effie Index, which ranks the most effective marketers, brands, holding companies, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies globally. The Effie Index will also determine the local rankings.

The Effie Awards South Africa call for entries will be made in the first quarter of 2021.

During the Effie Awards South Africa 2021 online workshop, the ACA will provide:
  • guidelines
  • tips on how to enter
  • requirements, and
  • case study presentations.
The workshop will be held at 10:30 to midday on Tuesday, 23 February. In order to participate, prospective attendees are requested to mail to confirm attendance and secure their spot.

For more information, visit You can also follow the Effie Awards South Africa on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.