The two were elected by a vote of the current board and will each serve three-year terms. They will officially assume their new roles next week in a transition ceremony during The One Club's global Creative Week 2021.

"The One Club for Creativity does more to help expand and diversify the global creative class than any organisation of its kind," says Cole. "Under Credle's guidance, the impact was incredible. Pum and I, along with our world-class board, plan to build on that progress by creating even more opportunities and on-ramps, blowing up more barriers and boxes and dialing up creative inspiration like never before."

"I see a huge opportunity to broaden the inclusion of more forms of creativity," says Lefebure. "Obviously, I want to bring design forward, but I also want to include more creative disciplines like UX and UI, typography, product creation, game design, music, fashion and new kinds of arts, as well as celebrate brands that are driven by creativity."

"One reason The One Club is so prestigious is because of its exceptional board of directors, an impressive group of the most prominent professionals in our field," says Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club. "They will play a key role in leading the board, furthering our mission and expanding our programming in ways that make a real difference around the world."

"Credle has been a terrific leader and partner, and played a significant role in the club's support of the global creative community," says Swanepoel. "We thank her for her many important contributions and look forward to her continuing to serve as a board member."

"The One Club for Creativity inspired me early on in my career," says Credle. "Serving as the board chair these last three years has been a wonderful way to say thank you to the incredible people at TOCC who care about this creative industry and its future immensely. The programmes and the content being developed have become apertures for future talent and creativity. I look forward to continuing to serve."

Board members must be prominent international creatives, be respected leaders in their given fields and exert influence in their respective regions. Responsibilities of board members include providing input and feedback on the club's programmes, serving as an ambassador to the creative community and schools and recommending outstanding candidates for awards judges.

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