In line with its brand ethos and prime target market’s preference, the brands says that Sportscene Radio's playlist will feature the most current and newest tracks from the trap and hip-hop genres.

The station is working with a stable of young hip-hop artists, including:
  • Champagne69
  • The Big Hash, and
  • IndigoStella.
Sportscene says that, given the agility and innovative use of technology, Sportscene Radio could potentially beat mainstream commercial radio stations to the punch when it comes to first-to-play for local artists.

While Sportscene Radio will be utilised as the in-store tracklist in all its stores nationwide, there are plans to extend its reach into the digital space to reach a bigger audience.

"Launching a bespoke branded digital radio station may seem a bold move for any business, yet Sportscene has seen the potential for this combination of entertainment-technology-brand and was determined to be an early adopter because it creates new business opportunities for the brand," says Jon Savage, inBroadcasting co-founder and content director of HaveYouHeard.  

"Sportscene Radio is a prime example of how we use technology and innovative thinking to create new opportunities for brands. While Sportscene Radio can be regarded as a new media channel, the content created for it is in fact an ongoing and evolving influencer and awareness campaign that puts the brand at the center of street culture," adds Savage. 

"In this way, Sportscene Radio is the ideal vehicle to integrate into the digital marketing strategies of the brands it carries and play a major role in future-proofing both its and these brands' businesses," he concludes.

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