The station says that listeners will be informed about child visitation, surname changes for children, as well as the link between maintenance demand and the role that paternity tests play in the process.

Legal experts will divulge:
  • how and where to apply for child maintenance
  • how the amount is determined
  • what paperwork needs to be submitted to prove how much one can afford to pay, and
  • how the child's monthly expenses are calculated and divided.
"Raising a child is the most beautiful and precious thing one can go through, but it has its challenges," says Xtremme. "One commitment to child care is maintenance. According to legislation, a child is entitled to reasonable maintenance to provide for clothing, housing, medical care and education, with this said both parents have a duty to maintain the child."

"Child maintenance is somewhat a difficult topic that, in most times, its filled with a lot of disagreements and conflict between co-parents. This sadly comes at the cost of the child involved," adds Xtremme.

"I plan on making sure the listener learns about the essential facts around child maintenance and the importance of having a healthy co-parenting relationship. As a young father, this subject is close to my heart and I urge you to be part of this conversation," concludes Xtremme.

Perspective On Y will be live on YFM on Thursday, 22 October from 19:00 until 21:00.

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