"The aim is to encapsulate all listener and administrative needs and stakeholder requirements by noting the latest global industry trends and strategically identifying areas to adjust for our local market. This is to ensure that we provide the best digital solutions to our audience," Wilton says.

Kagiso Media Radio CEO Nick Grubb says that the key digital role will help strengthen the company's position in the sector.

"We have been deliberate in building out key skills that will bolster our market-leading broadcasting and content business. Last year, we invested heavily into research and analytics and structured a new audience acquisition division that gathers first-party data and maximises the impact of our content on digital platforms," Grubbs says.

Grubb adds, "Now, with this digital development role moving in-house, we add another critical dimension to our ability to service current and future market needs." .

"Wilton was formerly part of the KM Group and has been providing outsourced services to the portfolio for the last four years. He is massively capable and already considered part of the team. This role elevates his proximity and access to our resources. I know he will take our platforms to yet another level," adds Grubb.

Wilton, who started his own digital media company in 2018, described his return to Kagiso Media Radio as a full-circle moment. Wilton assumes his new role on Friday, 1 July.

"I look forward to reuniting with Kagiso Media Radio and all the familiar team members I had countless hours collaborating with on exciting campaigns. The four years running my own business have proved beneficial to my personal growth and allowed me to hone my managerial and organisational skills," says Wilton. 

"I am suitably confident I possess the necessary attributes to assist in elevating Kagiso Media Radio's digital platform footprint within the industry," Wilton concludes. 

For more information, visit www.kagisomedia.co.za.