Motsamai's 12 years in the asset management industry include diverse roles at both PR agencies and in corporate environments. This, according to Motsamai, leads to a natural alignment with client strategy. "You automatically find yourself thinking like the client when you come from corporate. You pre-empt what they ask for, making you more than a service provider," Mostamai adds.

Motsamai has guided internal and external communications for financial institutions, such as the Public Investment Corporation, Government Employees Pension Fund and ABSA.

Motsamai says, "I wouldn't trade financial services for any other sector. It's always moving and evolving because of innovation. You need to be on the ball all the time, thinking about what's next. While that's challenging, it's exciting to be a part of, particularly in terms of bringing banking to unbanked South Africans."

According to Clockwork, Motsamai is a natural culture fit at the agency, where she intends on leading her team from the front to bring out the passion in every person, as well as consistently delivering top-quality work.

Her self-stated mandate is to help banks stand out with authenticity in a crowded sphere. "There is a changing narrative in the sector, with everyone fighting for a piece of the tech space pie, making claims about how they use digital to better customer experience," says Motsamai. "How organisations will thrive is by not speaking for the sake of speaking, but by owning a position and standing for what they believe as an institution."

Clockwork MD Tom Manners concludes, "Penny's hiring is a major asset for the Standard Bank account and the whole agency. Her experience in banking communications and building big portfolios expand our financial sector expertise significantly. It also sets us up to grow our financial business offering as we look to the future."

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