She has served as a member of the board of Kagiso Tiso Holdings, Kagiso Africa Investments and the advisory board of Kagiso Shanduka Trust.

Beyond Kagiso Trust, Ntsaba runs her own management consulting company in the water and sanitation sector. She previously worked as a researcher and consultant at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

She has also worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Zululand and Transkei. Ntsaba sits on the board of Rand Water. She is passionate about community development and poverty eradication and has worked on various development programmes in rural areas of South Africa.

Ntsaba takes over from reverend Frank Chikane, whose term has come to an end. "It is an honour to take over from one of the founding members of Kagiso Trust," says Ntsaba,

"I look forward to leading a phenomenal board as we work through these difficult times globally. Kagiso Trust is one of South Africa’s leading development agencies working towards a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society. Over the past 35 years, we have invested over R2-billion in development and implemented over 1 831 programmes. I look forward to reaching more milestones," Ntsaba adds.

Mankodi Moitse, CEO of Kagiso Trust, adds, "We welcome Mankone as our chairperson. She shares a long history with us and has served in various positions. Her experience and counsel is invaluable as we work to overcome poverty by developing and implementing scalable, replicable, sustainable development programme models in the areas of education development, institutional capacity building, socio-economic development and financial sustainability."

Chikane, the outgoing chairperson and founding member of Kagiso Trust, welcomes the appointment of Ntsaba as his successor. "I am confident that Ntsaba will take Kagiso Trust to higher levels than where he left it."

"I hand over this honour with pride. Mankone will bring her own special touch to this position and we look forward to seeing further legacy work unfold," adds Chikane.

Kagiso Trust was founded in 1985 and aims to provide support to development institutions and initiatives across a range of sectors.

After 1994, the organisation broadened its social vision through the establishment of Kagiso Trust Investments and focused on uplifting communities through targeted education and enterprise development programmes.

According to the agency, in 2005, it secured its financial stability through a series of strategic investments and partnerships that strengthened and expanded its capacities to develop people and communities.

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