The global AI Literacy in Public Relations Survey has been fielded to assess the AI understanding and readiness of PR practitioners.

The international AIinPR panel, in an exclusive partnership with Page — the world's leading professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives and educators — encourages all practitioners who work in public relations across the world, at all levels, to complete this quick five-minute survey.

Survey responses will be assessed by leading AIinPR academic researchers and those working on AI in PR. Responses will inform the next steps of globally leading work supporting PR professionals to upgrade knowledge and performance in big data and AI so that entities can continue to provide governance and operational advice to senior leaders and boards.

All survey responses will remain anonymous but PR practitioners completing the survey can opt to add their name and contact details if they would like to help with an additional short phone interview. The research team says that they are eager to explore the topic in detail. Responses to the telephone interviews will also remain anonymous.

AIinPR Chair Kerry Sheehan says, "Data and AI literacy is an essential skill to develop for public relations practitioners who want to remain relevant. The coming months and next year will be crucial for us with AI in our own roles and in our advisory roles."

Eliot Mizrachi, Page VP for communications and content, says, "As PR adopts cutting-edge AI and machine learning, there will be profound opportunities to more deeply understand of stakeholders and deliver more personalised content and experiences. At the same time, we must be cognisant of its implications, from algorithmic bias to the need to evolve how professionals work with these new technologies."

"Now is the time to assess what we know, what we don't and develop smart approaches. Page is delighted to support this research as a first step to ensuring CCOs and other senior communications leaders, have the information they need," concludes Mizrachi.

Individuals are encouraged to complete the AI Literacy survey here

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