The top themes for the 2020 review were determined by looking at the top 20 moments of the year and identifying commonalities across those moments and the ways people used different product features and tools, such as fundraisers and groups.

The top moments were determined by capturing the top single-day moments throughout the year and finding the top ways people used Facebook's apps to come together around these moments. The data reflects activity from Wednesday, 1 January to Saturday, 31 October. 


People came to Facebook to commemorate the figures who left a lasting legacy around the world. The platform saw:
  • Joseph Shabalala's passing in February leaving South Africans saddened. The star was best known for establishing the multi-Grammy-Award-winning music group Ladysmith Black Mambazo from the 1950s, which flagged Zulu music to global listeners.
  • Zindzi Mandela, the sixth daughter of Nelson Mandela, being one of the discussed moments on Facebook. She is among the many famous South Africans that was lost in 2020.
  • that even under extraordinary circumstances, communities found ways to connect, learn and grow.
  • that in March, South Africans gathered on Facebook platforms and stood together as President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • South Africans unite on Africa Day in a show of resilience at a difficult time for everyone in the world. It was one of the top moments discussed by South Africans on Facebook.
  • that with stakes high, people came to Facebook platforms to make their voices heard.
  • Kamala Harris' vice presidential selection announcement being the most mentioned moment globally in August, drawing more than 10 million posts in one day.
  • that people used Facebook platforms to build and maintain community even at a distance, and
  • South Africans turn to Facebook platforms on Palm Sunday in April to celebrate their faith.

Top culture moments

New for 2020 is our curated top pop culture moments. These much-talked-about moments generated some of the highest levels of interaction across the apps and include the following in South Africa:
  • Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP'
  • the game between FC Bayern and Barcelona, and
  • Netflix’s Tiger King
Kezia Anim-Addo, head of communications for sub-Saharan Africa at Facebook, says, "During a year filled with challenges and social distancing, our review captures the multitude of creative and inspiring ways our communities have come together through the Facebook family of apps."

"No matter where in the world you live, the shared experiences of 2020 brought us together, even while we were apart, with digital platforms helping us to stay connected," concludes Anim-Addo.

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