NOLA says that South African food is an expression of love and tradition, and that our cuisines are often handed down from parents and grandparents. But the brand argues that just because that's how it has always been done doesn't mean it has to remain that way.

NOLA says that the future of traditional food rests squarely in the 'twist-up' and what South Africans can learn from gogo's cooking — and how we can add creative twists so that her recipes remain family favourites.

Ndash's cooking philosophy is centred on adding a new age modern twist to Mzansi favourites. Ndash says that his mom is the person who inspired his love of cooking, but she still sticks to her traditional style, while Ndash is 'twisting up' the same traditional dishes. 

NOLA brand manager Nelia Nieuwoudt says, "Ndash and Nozibele's blend of traditional and modern, tried-and-trusted versus creative experimentation provides the ideal backdrop to NOLA's creamy balanced versatility, aimed at inspiring people to '#CreateAStir'." 

"At the end of the day, it's about being together, bonding over a shared love of food and family, and inspiring each other with fresh ideas. We're seeing an incredible street food revolution in South Africa — and globally — that's awakening people's imaginations and appetites. Through our latest campaign, we'd like to once again encourage ordinary South Africans to add their own twist to their favourite dishes," adds Nieuwoudt. 

Ndash and Nozibele can be watched on the Morning Show SA, Soweto TV’s Kasi Kitchen and JoziFM as they 'Twist It Your Way' with NOLA.

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