According to Red & Yellow, there are a multitude of reasons why to upskill yourself, your team or company — the benefits include better productivity, efficiency and performance.

Companies are under increasing pressure to transform and hit B-BBEE targets and, with this in mind, Red & Yellow has encouraged brands to consider learnerships as a way to reconcile these two business imperatives.

Introducing Red & Yellow's Digital marketing Employed Online Learnership

Red & Yellow offers a variety of learnerships, but the brand says that this one, in particular, takes place entirely online over the course of 12 months. Now in its third run, the students will gain a diverse range of digital, marketing and human skills (like creative and critical thinking), culminating in an NQF-registered qualification. This allows employees to work, learn and earn simultaneously.

The varied programme content provides students with the following:
  • a firm basis of digital marketing strategy
  • presenting skills
  • content marketing
  • UX design
  • project management
  • SEO
  • market research
  • a range of other valuable contemporary knowledge and expertise
According to Red & Yellow, these skills can be applied immediately at work — allowing both the students and the company immediate benefits from the outset of the programme.

Additionally, this method of upskilling also gives learners a confidence boost that deepens the rewards of programme. Corporates will get maximum B-BBEE skills development points ROI, high performing teams, happier staff as well as SETA and tax deductions. 

The advantages of an online learnership

Red & Yellow says that this format of the offering provides flexibility; learning can take place in the office or anywhere else — during lunch breaks, tea breaks, after hours and over weekends.

As with various forms of staff training, allowances for learning time are strongly encouraged. The hassle involved in getting back and forth from venues is also omitted. 

Why are learnerships important?

According to Red & Yellow, transformation is a critical issue in South Africa. While highly-skilled teams and improved performance are excellent reasons to do a learnership, helping transformation in South Africa is significantly more important in the long-run.

These programmes directly tackle education and unemployment crises, as well as help companies build strong pipelines of talent. This assists transformation at varying levels in their business. Over time, this leads to transformation at all levels across the organisation, says Red & Yellow.

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