The shows provide positive results for brands that want to reach consumers directly and change their buying behaviour. Digital marketing may expand the reach of a brand, but consumer experience shows give consumers the chance of a more memorable interaction with products.

Kirsten Mercer, national sales head at ProActive™ South Africa and Africa, Shoppa Shows™, says, "They create a fun and exciting environment for consumers to receive information in an interactive way. They encourage trial through mass sampling and pull consumers towards brands with relevant engagement."

ProActive™ says that subconscious preferences and biases drive purchasing behaviour. With this in mind, the shows influence consumers by speaking their language — emphasising the benefits of a brand and demonstrating how this relates to their values. ProActive™ brand ambassadors aim to promote sales by increasing visibility and allowing products to do the talking. 

Shows take place in the following areas:
  • shopping malls
  • taxi ranks
  • retail and wholesale stores
  • schools  
  • community centres
  • rural community areas
The shows frequently take place in close proximity to the point of purchase and are often linked to in-store promotions, which aim to drive further engagement.

"Shoppa Shows™ takes place at high foot-traffic zones, which allows them to create mass awareness, consumer engagement and interaction while driving the key brand message," says Nhlanhla Molepo, activations account manager at ProActive™. "They also create a memorable experience for the consumer, which translates into brand love."

ProActive™ says that promotions are most effective when they alert customers to a product (or remind them about that product), educate them about it and persuade them to sample or become aware of the product's benefits.

Shoppa Shows™ aims to focus on high-value engagement (singing and dancing are the 'norm') in order to boost short-term sales and ensure that a competitor's products are far from a consumer's mind.

According to ProActive™, creating a positive brand experience can influence a consumer who is not that loyal to a brand, leading to new affiliations. The face-to-face component of the shows allows brand ambassadors to reach their target market. This is done by getting a better understanding of customers by considering the following factors:
  • where they shop
  • what are their ages
  • what their buying habits are
  • how they like to be communicated with
The brand promotes the effectiveness of connecting with customers on a personal level; campaigns that engage consumers on issues that matter most to them are generally far more memorable.

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