However, creating a business profile and hoping for the best is not enough to capture the attention of a significant part of the audience. It's important to know what triggers your fans and what drives away followers.

Here are seven things that social media users expect to see in social media marketing content:

1. Quality over quantity

You should publish social media posts regularly. However, don't post content simply because it's that time of the day when your audience is the most active. Provide quality and engaging content that will tease and attract people.

This applies even when it's an industry-related meme that doesn't promote a specific product but aims to entertain your followers. Make sure that you're not offending anyone because, although it will induce a higher engagement, you don't want to create a negative vibe with any portion of your audience.

2. User-generated content

Trust is the ultimate connection between consumers and a certain brand, but it's not easy to establish. This is why numerous business owners encourage their consumers to demonstrate how a certain product or service is helping them improve their lives.

Publishing content created by your audience not only shows potential customers what your brand can do for them but also empowers others to create their own content that you can publish and engage in with your followers.

3. Seamless shopping

Your audience expects a seamless shopping experience. This means that when you post a picture of your product, it should be easy to buy it on the spot. This is why you should consider publishing shoppable posts on Instagram or Facebook.

No matter if you're a brick and mortar store or an online SaaS brand, tagging your products on Instagram allows your followers to get to your product without too much effort.

4. Audience engagement

It's always good to reach out to a wider audience, however, it's more important to know which platform works best for your business and what people are saying about your brand. You must listen to your audience and what they have to say.

Social listening is a marketing technique that allows you to track brand mentions and related discussions so you could have insight and understand how consumers perceive you. This will give you the feedback you need to improve your content or product and make it even more attractive.

5. Social media fan groups

Give your consumers a chance to get together online and interact on topics related to your brand. This way, you will allow the people to share their experience, upload personal content and enjoy a community of like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, it will provide a place where they can reach you and share their thoughts — they may even provide ideas for new or improved products and brainstormings for your brand development.

6. Customer support

Perhaps the most important audience expectation that you should keep in mind is the provision of customer support via social media networks. You should be ready to resolve customer issues when they contact you on Facebook or Instagram.

This shows a comprehensive customer support service and shows sincere care for your clients. Don't look for concerned customers only within your inbox; read the comments, follow hashtags and all other discussions related to your brand and react to any and every issue or customer complaint.

7. Influencers

Every industry has an individual or a group of publishers that represent an authority with the public. The audience trusts the opinion of influencers but what's even more important is that they draw together people interested in diverse brands. Your audience expects to see your brand discussed by an influencer for a deeper insight.

It also allows you to get noticed by people interested in your type of product or services who weren't aware of your brand earlier.

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