Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other websites create a link between your brand and all of your previous customers, allowing you to keep them updated and maintain their interest in your products or services.

Here are the five most effective methods to maximise your customer retention through social media:

1. Keep track of your followers

As a brand, you should focus your attention on what your target audience's interests, other than your offering. Social media allows us to gain insight into our followers' likes and dislikes, habits, family status, hobbies and other personal traits. These could help you build better user-oriented products.

Additionally, understanding what concerns our audience allows you to create social media content that will keep them engaged with your brand, which is the first step towards growing retention.

2. Make your account easy to find

Publishing sponsored posts that will promote your brand and expand your reach among the proper audience is the simplest — and the most expensive — way to connect with your consumers. There are also a few cost-effective techniques to make your page easier to discover. Here are three of them:
  • Place your company logo as a profile photo so that people can identify your brand on the spot.
  • Name your business account exactly the same as your business name so that people can search for your brand and find you without confusing your company for another similarly named brand.
  • Use industry-related hashtags to extend your reach among interested users and to improve your chances of communicating with customers who still don't follow your social media page.
The easier it is to find your page, the more likely you'll get new followers. What's more important is that existing consumers are more likely to follow your brand once they are given the opportunity. This gives you the chance to improve your retention rate by expanding the base of customers that you are interacting with.

3. Choose the best platform for your activity

Google Analytics can help you find out what social media platforms work best for your brand. Take a look at where your traffic mostly originates from and you'll get an idea concerning the social network that you should focus on.

Once you understand where your consumers are 'hiding', you'll know where you should be more active. By focusing on the most relevant website, you'll spend less energy and resources on campaigns that wouldn't be effective.

Keep in mind that your customer fan base can migrate. Therefore, check your data from time to time to make sure that you're still hitting the right mark. Adapting your strategy during the campaign is likely to improve your overall results.

4. Provide valuable content

Most people believe that valuable content means publishing high-quality images and videos at the right time. However, there's more to providing value than posting 'pretty pictures' on your page.

Include content that educates your audience on the effective use of your products. You should also share success stories and allow existing customers to share their voice when it comes to your brand.

Flash sales and promotions are also a great way to reward your loyal consumers. Consider posting discount codes for different products and announcing sales or giveaways to get your fans coming back for more.

5. Engage with your audience

If people have questions concerning your problems, answer each of those questions as soon as you can and to the best of your abilities. Make sure to use a human tone when addressing your followers. This is because reports show that the audience reacts better to human interaction than getting their inquiries resolved by chatbots.

Furthermore, you want to grow a close connection with your clients and talking to them is the best way to feel their pulse and convey your concern for their satisfaction. Let your social media account become a part of your customer service. Full-Range customer service is the ultimate client retention candy because consumers want their issues addressed beyond the usual channels.

Building a strong bond with your clients paves the way to their recurring interaction with your brand. It's of utmost importance to understand which platforms hold the most value for your enterprise, as well as which method of interaction is the most suitable for your audience to achieve the highest retention rate results.

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