"Using the Mirrors AI platform, the newly-launched Nokia 2.3 handset was front and centre on YouTube; the technology seamlessly detected relevant objects, emotions, activities and logos in videos and used them as triggers to serve highly-contextual ads on the platform without any human input whatsoever," says Allen Kambuni from Mobiclicks Kenya.

Kambuni is East Africa regional lead for the pan-African adtech firm and a recent recipient of the Innovator Technology Award at the 21st Century Icon Awards. WPP-Scangroup is a subsidiary of WPP, listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, and is the largest marketing and communication group operating a multi-agency model in sub-Saharan Africa.

August 2019 saw the launch of the first Mobiclicks representation outside of the South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. "At launch, we set out to do things that had never been done before in digital advertising," says Kambuni.

"This latest campaign with a true global leader in innovation was an opportunity to cut through the clutter with AI that works. The client was thrilled and this campaign proved that brands would be well-served to move their TV spend to YouTube," he adds.

Some of the moments targeted by Mobiclicks' AI to help showcase the new Nokia handset’s attributes included moments in videos like first dates, eating out, safaris and a new baby. The appearance of these moments on YouTube videos then triggered the advertising tagline 'Never Miss a Shot'.

"The results were staggering; our Nokia campaign posted a 46.4% view-through rate on Nokia's video ads against the YouTube benchmark of 15%," Kambuni says.

According to Wairimu Nduhiu, digital media director of WPP Scangroup, "This campaign far exceeded our expectations. By connecting with consumers based on their passion points, we were able to strike a meaningful chord with them, while immersing them in the world of the Nokia 2.3."

"We firmly believe that successful digital marketing campaigns must achieve balance between soul and science and that is what we were able to achieve with this campaign," adds Nduhiu.

Digital campaigns based on YouTube Mirrors AI technology aim to blend their copy to match certain preselected moments displayed on users' screens. "Brands can link their ads to in-video events for the first time. This AI technology is a powerful campaign tool for brands wanting to rise above the mass market clutter," Kambuni says. “To be seen in digital, you need to be on YouTube." 

Gopher Ogembo, senior business manager East Africa for HMD Global, says, "We are excited to give Kenyan consumers a new way of experiencing and understanding the features of the Nokia 2.3 via the Mobiclicks AI campaign partnership."

"Mobile video clips are being consumed globally at the rate of hundreds of millions every singe day. It's clear that there are tremendous opportunities in video for the mobile and digital marketer and Mobiclicks is pleased to be able to help Kenyan brands connect with a growing global trend," concludes Ogembo.

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