The organisation has announced that further weekly calls are scheduled. It has reported that different countries are at different stages with the containment of the virus; however, across the board, there has been welcomed support from governments for companies and employees. 

The organisation has indicated that support will vary country by country. Dave Roberts of South Africa's Primedia observed that his hard-pressed government was unlikely to be able to help significantly.

Reductions in business rates have supported retailers in some countries but out-of-home, a factor on high streets, still has to see a benefit. Landlords generally appear to have responded with more flexible terms, according to the organisation.

Anna Bager, president and CEO of the OAAA in the United States, has described her association's determined efforts to find a sympathetic ear in Washington.

According to the World Out of Home Organisation, the OAAA is already playing its part by running a major classic and digital OOH campaign for America's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urging people to stay at home and, if they can't, to keep their distance.

Anna Bager reported that creative for this campaign is available free to other associations who are able to run similar campaigns. Further details are available here.

Barry Frey, from the United States-based Digital Place Based Advertising Association, showed his organisation's '' campaign, urging people to stay home. Frey, a New Yorker, likened the current crisis to the awful day of 9/11, which he observed at first hand. 

According to the conference, evidence of recovery came from China, where the virus hit first at the end of 2019. There are shops that are re-opening and people returning to work.

WOO representative Jim Liu reported that OOH spend in China in January was down by 90% when full lockdown occurred but then recovered to 40% and then 70% in the two succeeding months. It is expected to be back to normal capacity in the months to come.

"We can win if we pull together," concludes WOO president Tom Goddard. "National associations working hand in hand is a good place to start the recovery process for the global Out of Home industry."

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