For this reason, one needs to find a marketing questions and answers website that is reliable. Knowing the importance of leads in small business, marketing is the driving force for every brand.

If you have different questions about projecting your brand but cannot find satisfactory answers with Google, here are the top 12 marketing questions and answers websites in 2020:

1. ProProfs Discuss

The discussion about the well-known websites for asking and answering marketing questions cannot be complete without mentioning ProProfs Discuss. This is a free marketing questions and answers website for you to sign up and start asking whatever questions you have about marketing.

You can get alerts from the website for answered questions and you will also get emails with more info. You can ask virtually any kind of question, no matter how flimsy or crucial, and ProProfs Discuss will get you an answer with its community of dedicated experts and peers.

With the ability to talk about virtually anything, you could also drive traffic back to your website.

2. Fresh Marketing Forum

Here is another online platform that is user-friendly and allows you to share marketing questions and answers with fellow users.

With the help of the community, you will get responses on questions about Search Engine Marketing, how to use social media to market your business online and how to create the perfect web design to promote your brand.

3. Quora

Quora gives you the leverage to decide what specific questions or topics you want to ask about. One thing about this website is that it gives you that feeling of community and is packed with well-known professionals in different industries.

It is easy to find marketing questions and answers or even ask yours. Quora is also a great platform that allows you to use a search bar to ask questions and start getting replies ASAP.

4. WebMaster Sun

This marketing questions and answers website is a great place to go with all of your troubles. If you want to understand what Google indexing and SEO are about, simply locate the SEO section.

Are you confused about how some social media platforms can help you increase your reach? Head over to the social media section or simply generate your own question. Rest assured that the professionals will help out with great answers.

5. Warrior Forum

When you talk about big internet communities that recognise the importance of leads in small business, Warrior Forum is one. Here, you can get access to different sub-forums of which internet marketing is a big hit.

You can ask all kinds of questions and follow different trends and topics related to achieving your marketing goals. You will also see the Ask Me Anything sub-forum that allows you to communicate with 'Internet marketing gurus' directly.

6. SEO Chat

If what bothers you is how to make your site more reputable and boost your search engine rankings, there are many others like you. SEO Chat is an online forum just like others where you can get to talk about the world of search engine optimisation.

It is totally free and connects experts with beginners. No matter how small or vast your knowledge is, you can get lots of helpful connections here.

7. LinkedIn

This group will literally give your social marketing a boost whether you're looking to expand your YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. You are sure to get lots of ideas and community support, with over 10 000 members that spend their time discussing marketing on social media.

8. Yahoo! Answers

Arguably one of the most widely known and used Q&A sites, you can come here, ask questions every day and get solid answers about marketing. The questions appear in different categories, so it should be seamless for you to find a category that suits you.

You'll also notice that visitors to the site can rate answers and this data is used to display marketing answers with the best ratings. Keep in mind that you'll be required to sign up before being allowed to take part in marketing questions and answers.

You will earn points for posting answers but will also lose points each time you ask questions.


You wouldn't be wrong if you called this the bigger brother to Warrior Forum. WICKEDFIRE may not be the best for beginners but experts will easily feel at home here asking marketing questions and answers. You will find very detailed answers and also enjoy the aesthetics and forum topics.


The name of this community speaks for itself and it's basically set up for members to talk about everything from strategy and case studies to idea-sharing and learning about SEO.

11. affLIFT

This affiliate marketing forum was started by well-known Affiliate marketer Luke Kling who is also the Marketing director of PeerFly CPA network. You can access various case-studies here and can also get coupons for different traffic sources.

However, this is a paid forum with premium content so you can opt for it if it’s your budget as per your needs. You will really enjoy the search engine optimisation tips and techniques section.

Other sections to also look forward to are the search engine management and link building sections. High Rankings is another top recommended SEO and marketing forum.


Despite not advocating for black hat SEO, it is still a great idea to know about the techniques involved. This ensures that you stay protected from being fooled by someone else.

Whatever technique you are looking to learn about SEO, BlackHatWorld has you covered. From black hat SEO, income generation and blogging to cloaking and white hat SEO, you can ask about anything.

Make sure you learn everything you need to on this platform and you will find yourself developing some great ideas about more ways to improve your brand. You not hold yourself back but use the forum to find interesting tips.

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