media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a look at three of the ways brands can be more convenient for their consumers.

The reality of the situation is this: There are a lot of brands out there who do exactly the same things that you do. This means that if your consumers are not satisfied with your products or services, they will have no problem finding another brand that will give them exactly what they want. 

To keep up consumers happy, brands have to step up their game, making sure that consumers can still shop while staying at home. 

Here are three ways brands can become more convenient:

1. Make use of online shopping (that actually works)

Online shopping might not be for everyone, but in today’s reality, we all need to accept and make use of it. So, brands need to ensure that their products and services can be found easily online and that the consumer has a pleasant experience. 

It has become vital to make sure that your brand’s digital platforms work flawlessly and run smoothly. Consumers are more likely to opt-out of purchase if your website is not in order.

If a consumer purchases one of your products online and there is no clear indication as to when they will receive their goods, they might get frustrated, leave a bad review and other potential customers could be scared away.

2. Cater for everyone 

Every one of your consumers will have a different idea of what convenience looks like, which is why you must attempt to cater to all kinds of people. For example, some prefer to have their goods delivered, whereas others might find it easier to order something online and go pick it up in the shops. If your brand only does one, you might lose potential clients due to the inconvenience. 

It is also important to keep in mind how people will want to pay for the products or services. Some consumers want to make an online payment through a service provider such as PayFast. Others may want to do a manual EFT and send your company the reference.

You need to make various options available to offer something for everyone.

3. Pinpoint your consumers’ needs

What is the easiest way to ensure that your brand is convenient for your consumers? Just listen to what they need! Although brands always try to tick all the boxes, they need to accept that they can’t please everyone. 

However, what they can do is remain ‘always on’ and communicate with those customers who are not happy with their products or services. That way, they can learn from their mistakes and find new ways to improve. 

Being active on social media, and available to consumers to discuss what they need or expect from your brand, allows you to build a mutually beneficial relationship; one where you can rely on your consumer to tell you what they want and where they trust that you will provide them with the correct products or services. 

What are some other ways brands can be more convenient for consumers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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