media update’s Taylor Goodman reveals how enterprise SEO differs from traditional.

In order for your digital marketing strategy to be a success these days, you need to have a solid SEO plan in place.

However, not all SEO strategies are created equal. There are major differences between traditional methods and enterprise ones.

Although these methods share common objectives, such as high Google search rankings for targeted keywords, increased traffic and lead generation, the use of these methods differs depending on the type of business that is being promoted.

Here are the ultimate differences between traditional and enterprise SEO:

Traditional SEO

Regular-scale SEO is generally utilised by smaller businesses that have anywhere from a couple to hundreds of pages on their website. These are your mom-and-pop type shops and local brands.

Traditional SEO strategies aim to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results

Now, how does it work? Basically, a search engine sends out crawlers that gather information about all the content they can gather on the Internet. The crawler then returns with this information, which is compiled into an index.

This index is then fed through an algorithm that matches the data with the respective query

Enterprise SEO

When it comes to enterprise SEO, it is less about the size of your business and more about the amount of content on your site.

Enterprises require a more meticulous and scalable approach. According to Single Grain, enterprise SEO is a set of strategies aimed at improving the organic presence of a large enterprise

Examples of large corporations that would utilise this are Amazon, Walmart or Apple.

When working with enterprise SEO, the team will have to review user search data and trends and to provide actionable advice for all other members of the marketing and product teams. 

This is opposed to a traditional SEO team, who offer guidance that helps brands to increase traffic and raise revenue. Enterprise SEO teams do this, and then some

As enterprises are larger, they have more unique demands. When working with enterprises, an enterprise team focuses on:
  • Localisation and globalisation: As enterprises are usually international brands, they often have local presences. This means it is essential for their teams to strive for dominance in broad and localised searches. 
  • Enterprise security: Confidentiality is paramount when working with high-stakes corporations. It is essential when working with enterprise SEO that consumer data is protected.
  • Daily search engine rankings: Search engine rankings have the tendency to fluctuate. Therefore, staying on top of these strategies daily performance is imperative to the team’s success. 
  • Automation and technology: When working with enterprise SEO, these teams are dealing with a great deal of content, which is why automation and technology makes this a lot easier to manage.
  • Branding: Due to the volume of content, it is crucial that the voice of these brands are prevalent and consistent throughout.  
Do you think enterprise SEO is essential for large corporations to succeed? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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