"Unsavoury content that may damage brands by association is creeping into digital advertising campaigns," says Shaun Rosen, Mobiclicks founder and CEO. "Our technology partners have found that 8% to 9% of videos posted on well-known publisher websites, for example, contain questionable material."

According to Mobiclicks, prior to the launch of Mirrors Safe, scanning the keywords that described videos posted online was the only way to determine whether they were brand safe.

Now, Mirrors Safe is able to use an AI algorithm to scan the contents of a video including faces, objects, logos, actions and scenes. The algorithm has been trained to detect unsafe content across a wide set of brand unsafe categories, including:
  • violence
  • weapons
  • smoking
  • nudity, and
  • other potentially-obscene content.
According to SilverPush, what sets Mirrors Safe apart is its ability to custom define the scope of harmful contexts that are unique to every brand, helping brands move beyond just brand safety to a truly unique brand-suitable environment.

Mirrors Safe is an extension of the Mirrors platform, which Mobilclicks launched to South African brand clients in 2019. Digital campaigns based on YouTube Mirrors AI technology blend their copy to match certain preselected moments displayed on users' screens. 

Mirrors enables brands to link their ads to in-video events for the first time. This AI technology is a campaign tool aimed at brands who are wanting to 'rise above the mass market clutter'.

"To be seen in digital, you need to be on YouTube and this latest extension of Mirrors makes that environment safer and even more effective for South African brands," concludes Rosen.

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