The pair says that now more than ever, consumers need access to exceptional technology and they need these products and services to be communicated to them in a way that is smart, creative, intuitive and accessible.

"We're delighted that, after winning the competitive pitch process, we can now count Huawei Mobile Services among our content clients," says Shaun Frazao, head of digital and content at Wavemaker.

"Huawei Mobile Services has been part of the wider Wavemaker family for some time; they already work with our media division but helping them with their content is an exciting development that enables us to provide a seamless offering," adds Frazao.

Huawei Mobile Services manages Huawei's technical work, including its new operating system, software and its devices' gaming functionality. Going forward, Wavemaker Content will be responsible for Huawei Mobile Services':
  • digital content strategy development
  • digital creative development
  • video production
  • influencer marketing
  • community management
  • design
  • activity planning, and
  • monitoring and reporting.
"At Wavemaker Content, we know that meaningful, impactful content is no accident," says Frazao. "In order to be properly developed and executed, quality content relies on detailed insights into everything from consumer preferences and industry trends, to the subtlety of tonality and sentiment."

"We incorporate this data into every content-related decision we make and it sets our work apart," Frazao adds.

According to Wavermaker Content, it is important to understand the ways in which different content works with different types of media. If there's a disconnect between the content produced and what the media and consumers want and need, the content will perform poorly.

"The data we gather, analyse and use in our content development process includes detailed information on developments in the media industry," Frazao concludes. "This, combined with our strong media relationships, ensures that our content reaches the people it is intended for. As a result, nothing we produce goes to waste."

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