FNB chief marketing officer, Faye Mfikwe, says, "Our brand campaign aims to encourage South Africans to stand behind our small businesses as they are the lifeline of every community and the backbone of our economy; they drive growth and create job opportunities. By supporting and buying proudly local, we are helping to rebuild and revive our economy." 

Centred around the message 'When we all help, we have hope', the brand campaign depicts the story of a paramedic who visits a local coffee shop to buy coffee for his colleagues ahead of their shift. While he is driving, he sees how the lockdown restrictions have eased and local businesses opening, giving hope to the economy.

"The message in our ad manifests that help is not just a single act of kindness, but it is a choice that has an impact on others, which often we don’t realise. It demonstrates the positive ripple effect that comes when we all play our part and help others, however small or insignificant it may seem. These acts of help become imperative now as we rebuild our economy, one choice at a time. It is not an individual’s sole responsibility but a collective effort from all of us to unite and bring hope," Mfikwe adds.

According to the 2019 SEDA Report, the small business sector is considered the engine for economic growth in South Africa, with an estimated 2.55 million small and medium enterprises (SMMEs). The 2020 McKinsey Insights claim that SMMEs contributed over 38% of the gross domestic product, providing approximately 60% of the total employment.

"Our ability to achieve sustainable economic growth is highly dependent on the success of our country’s local enterprises, irrespective of size. Therefore, we urge all South Africans to play their part and reach out to their local businesses and support them. This, in turn, will help sustain employment, create more job opportunities and support more families," Mfikwe concludes.

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