The relaunch of Mall TV™ aims to leverage the opportunity presented by the growth of digital place-based networks and strives to ensure that Mall Ads™ remains at the cutting-edge of out-of-home (OOH) trends.

According to recent PQ Media studies, all digital OOH (DOOH) media silos are on a steady growth trajectory year-on-year, with digital place-based networks at the forefront of that growth, whilst also being the digital OOH medium leader.

Further, the research shows that digital place-based networks are growing at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% for the period 2017 to 2022, compared with growth of 10.7% it experienced between 2012 to 2017.

"Digital media growth is outpacing conventional media platforms, and the proliferation of DOOH is making it easier to present dynamic campaigns to consumers," says Mzi Deliwe, deputy CEO of Provantage Media Group and director of Mall Ads™.

According to Mall Ads™, Mall TV™ is a digital placed-based network in mass market shopping centres, targeting shoppers close to point of purchase and thereby directly influencing purchase decision making.

The network flights on strategically-placed screens at key footfall sites and dwell zones in malls across the country. The platform offers retailers within malls, as well as national and international brands, the opportunity to drive price, place and product.

"Mall TV™ offers an innovative way to build brands and grow reach and frequency in an ever-fragmenting media landscape," adds Deliwe. "What’s more, Mall TV™ flights within the mall environment, the last point of influence before a consumer makes a purchase."

How Mall TV™ works

Mall TV™ is a mix of brand adverts and content, says the team at Mall Ads™. "The content has to supplement the mall experience, so the focus is very much on broadcasting relevant, high interest content that adds significant value to shoppers and their shopping experience," Deliwe adds.

In addition to brand adverts and content, stores situated within the mall can utilise on-screen directional messaging to aim and drive shoppers directly to the physical store location.

30-second adverts are also available for interested clients and brands at frequencies of twice or four times an hour. In addition, a ‘wrapped advertising package’ offers strategic brand messaging placement alongside the network’s sports and news content.

Targeting the mass market

Mall Ads™ has conducted research into the South African mall space and says that there is great synergy between the Mall TV™ offering and a mass market audience — hence the renewed focus on this segment.

The research done by the company has resulted in a number of findings and conclusions: 
  • The mass market is extremely brand loyal and brand conscious.
  • Large purchases are mainly on lay-buy.
  • Smaller purchases are limited to taxi travel appropriate.
  • Consumers are price and value conscious.
  • Two hours is the average dwell time per mall visit.
According to the team, all of this presents an opportunity for customers and brands who see a fit with this market and are able to tailor a message or product offering that blends seamlessly with Mall TV™ and the platform it offers.

Additional research conducted by the South African Council of Shopping Centres stipulates that the spend per head in township malls increased by 6.3% year-on-year between 2017 and 2018, whilst an Ask Afrika 2019 research study was able to determine the following:
  • Shoppers in the mass market category average 6.9 unique visits per month at malls.
  • 84% of mass market shoppers find that advertising has an influence on their shopping habits and therefore increases their propensity to purchase.
  • 82% of mass market shoppers have noticed advertising in a mall environment.
Mall TV™ is currently available in eight malls across South Africa, with an average audience of 9.3 million shoppers nationwide, monthly.

"Growth is a key element in the Mall TV™ strategy, and with increased scale anticipated in the short-term, the Mall TV™ offering is compelling for brands looking to engage effectively with this mass market audience," concludes Deliwe. 

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