According to Pandora, lockdown across the world has forced brands to rethink their approach to marketing campaigns.

From digital fashion shows and live-streamed music events to a heightened focus on sustainability and purpose-led initiatives, adapting to the unexpected and finding creative solutions have never been so tested, says the brand.

Living in an entirely online world for weeks on end has broken down boundaries between brands, celebrity ambassadors and consumers. Celebrities who are getting it right, and brands working with ambassadors, realise the need to invite consumers into their 'normal' life to genuinely resonate with fans, stripping back the perfection and luxury lifestyle often portrayed, says Pandora.

The brand says that it has used this opportunity to be more creative and collaborative with its ambassadors and to deepen the connection with their consumers. 

New York fashion photographer Cass Bird directed the activation's shoot via video call as the 'Pandora Muses' shot the content from their homes. By having creative freedom to capture their own interpretation of the campaign, the music conveyed a true portrait of their own stories in their unique way, says the brand.

The campaign is Pandora's first self-shot ambassador campaign and it enabled the brand to showcase a new side to its ambassadors in more authentic surroundings, where talking about their relationship with the brand and their favourite charms can flow.

With the Muses given significant creative freedom over how they told their story, they were each able to reflect and consider what Pandora really means to them and creating highly personal accounts.

According to Pandora, the shift in approach coincides with a growing global scepticism towards Instagram influencers, with just one in five consumers admitting to trusting them, as many brands continue to bombard consumers with more content in attempt to reignite consumer spending globally.

Pandora's global PR director Vita Clausen says, "Consumer savviness to seeing through inauthentic brand partnerships with celebrities is nothing new. However, the lockdown has accelerated this need for brands to work in genuine partnership with their ambassadors and show a much more personal and real approach."

"By taking our muses out of a studio and creating this campaign from their home, they were able to share their loves and the significance of their charms with consumers in an even more emotive and open way. We'll definitely be considering how we can continue to innovate our creative process with our ambassadors in the future," concludes Clausen.

The 'Voices of Pandora' activation is a celebration of Pandora's 20 years of collecting, inviting consumers to share the meaningful charms that represent their memorable firsts, according to the brand. 

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