Danie Brink, CEO of hoola, says that the time had come to freshen up on how they presented themselves to the market. 

"The vision was always to start locally, move into the national space over four to five years and then into the international market in 10 years. Things change very quickly, so if you're not reinventing and repositioning yourself in a way to remain relevant, the consequence is that you become redundant quite quickly," Brink says.

"For many businesses, 2020 has been a tough year, both locally and abroad. Adapting to challenges as they arise, staying agile and fluid enough to adapt — while having robust structures in place to absorb economic shocks — was vital to any business," adds Brink. 

"At hoola, we want to add value to our clients. Our aim is to always be a relevant, 'modern agency', solving remarkable problems with incredible solutions. We aim to add value to our clients through our innovative and modern solutions, which speak to 'real' business challenges," says Brink. "It was also important for them to continue testing and ensuring that this was, in fact, what they were doing." 

The agency says that there is often a common tendency for people to think that modern, innovative agencies are based in places like Johannesburg or Cape Town, but with hoola successfully servicing clients within and outside of their vicinity, the company has proven this stereotype can be broken.

The agency adds that the excitement of continuously evolving and growing hoola as a business brought with it many challenges. One of these was the risk of losing sight of the company's core values and culture, which has served as a foundation for its rapid growth.

Brink, however, says that they truly understood this risk and that their core values to Practice Passion, Ignite Integrity and Harness Humility, as well as their company culture, will always remain important to them.

"When it comes to values, you're only really tested when you're under pressure and I can say, with a lot of humility and thankfulness, we've been able to do that in many different instances over the years," says Brink.

"The end of 2021 takes us to the end of our five-year cycle, so hopefully we will be able to tick the box of being a true national agency. Beyond that, the vision really starts to shift to the global market." Brink concludes. "How and when, we aren't sure yet, but it's just about understanding where the opportunities will be for us and staying close to God and His plan."

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