According to Trend Forward, disruptive times require innovative solutions. The brand says that the pandemic affected every business in one way or another but, amidst this hardship, opportunities arose for those who were able to look at things differently and innovate.

"The path leading up to the creation of the virtual showroom was the realisation that it would be some time before exhibitions would be allowed to be hosted as physical events in the manner in which they had previously been done," says Trend Forward.

Dave Nemeth, founder and managing director of Trend Forward, created the platform with the aim to accomodate virtual events, custom expo stands, interactivity and all the necessary content available. Although it resembles a real exhibition, it is all created in 2D.

"During the process, it became evident that more and more people were becoming comfortable with doing business on the Internet, as well as actually purchasing items and attending events and conferences," says the brand.

"Through the process of research, creating and learning, [we] realised that, although brick and mortar retail will never die, the dynamics are changing. Retail stores are getting smaller and online retail is generally boring," concludes Trend Forward.

According to the brand, the environments are fully interactive and enable clients to have no design restrictions, such as those potentially experienced with the creation of a physical store or showroom.

The viewer is greeted with different music in specific areas, as well as video content, PDFs and all else that is required from the client is accommodated for. 

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