Agency CEO Glen Meier says he is inspired for the new year by the momentum of the agency's recent award-winning work, by the response to its Bayeza Graduate Internship Programme and by his team, which he says has proved adaptable and professional in the face of the work and personal challenges thrown up by the pandemic, as well as in efforts to curb it.

"Everyone is justifiably enthused by their ability to be agile and adapt as many times as we did through the year. In addition to producing relevant work for our clients, we launched our in-house production and video content studio and went on to win several awards," says Meier.

"The personal and professional growth of the agency is evident in the types of work we are winning and our showing in the awards ceremonies," Meier adds. 

Boomtown's award wins during the year included Silver and Craft Pendorings for Nestlé 'Healthier Kids', as well as being recognised in four different categories at the 2020 Assegai Awards for 'The Silent Killer — Hypertension Awareness, created for Sovereign's 'Don’t be chicken, check them' and its own credentials.

"But that was last year," Meier says. "We're looking forward to the new and especially towards giving back to our home city and helping to build its economy and skills base through Bayeza, our graduate programme."

"This year, we have 10 graduates joining us in the disciplines of:
  • design
  • art direction and copywriting
  • digital strategy
  • market immersion
  • videography
  • social media content creation, and
  • client service.
Our doors open to them on Monday, 18 January," concludes Meier. 

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