"The global lockdown has completely derailed the education system and disrupted students' school and university routines around the world, leading to confused and demotivated young people who are highly concerned about their future life and opportunities," says Dene Botha, global managing director of the agency.

"We, therefore, decided to step-it-up a level and get closer to our global partners in the United Kingdom, India and the Philippines by opening-up offices in London, England. At the same time as this, we are excited to announce a fresh new corporate identity to ensure that we stay the 'cool brand' by incorporating the Empowered Youth globally recognisable name and CI," adds Botha.

All of Empowered Youth's services being made available digitally including brand-able virtual university tours and O-week activations, online pitching competitions and digital workshops through its partnership with IVA Global School.

The school is a first-of-its-kind 3D virtual world that offers students, teachers and brands a modern and novel way to engage with students and staff.

"We'd like to remind all of our students and their parents, as well as all our education and corporate partners, that they can expect nothing but the best from Empowered Youth through its successful and impactful campaigns, services and attention — now on an international level," says Botha.

"We will continue to share the importance of inspiring a 'willingness to learn' amongst the youth and ensuring we get the messages of global citizenship, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and the likes over to the youth in an impactful, measurable and ongoing manner," Botha says. 

For more information, visit www.empowered-youth.com. You can also follow Empowered Youth on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram