RPA is the term used for software tools that partially or fully automate human activities that are manual, rule-based and repetitive. In CLEVVA's case, these tools are known as 'digital experts', while Blue Prism calls its solutions 'digital workers'.

CLEVVA's low-code web platform lets companies create and deploy their own front-end digital experts. The combination with Blue Prism's back-office digital workers now makes it possible for companies to automate their customer service offerings from end to end, irrespective of whether the service offerings are staff-assisted or digital self-service channels.

"Combining the two technologies means customers can quickly increase the extent of automation in their companies — particularly when it comes to their customer service channels," says CLEVVA co-founder and co-CEO Ryan Falkenberg.

"As organisations reimagine customer sales and support journeys, many of them find it challenging to navigate contextually rich or complex front-office decisions and processes," says Bruce Mazza, vice president of the technology alliance programme at Blue Prism.

"Pairing CLEVVA digital experts with the Blue Prism digital workforce empowers users by bringing process agility to the front office like in regulated industries, where customer engagements are heavily impacted by rules, and it's vital you get it right, every time, with a record to prove it," adds Mazza.

"Take Blue Prism's service assist offering, which accesses multiple systems and consolidates customer information into a 360° view, as an example. Combining it with CLEVVA's front-end digital experts, companies can now give their contact centre agents a full view of the customer, automate their system work and also navigate their agents through every conversation in real-time," Mazza says.

"This means agents can focus on the emotional aspects of customer engagements, while the digital team asks the right questions, helps the agent to respond with the right answers and makes sure the right actions are taken once the call has ended," Falkenberg says.

In practice, CLEVVA's digital experts will help customers to resolve their specific query, while Blue Code's digital workers will automatically process any required actions.

"This means businesses can now build a complete digital workforce and automate front and back-office processes straight through the customer journey. This not only liberates staff from repetitive decisions and actions but ensures customers are offered an efficient and effective sales and support experience, irrespective of their preferred channel," says Falkenberg.

"This is particularly important in highly regulated industries, where businesses have complex product suites and business rules. Every action and decision is recorded in line with compliance and reporting requirements, which reduces risks for both the company and its customers," Falkenberg adds.

"As Covid-19 has forced people to use digital over physical channels, the increased volumes have challenged human support and service staff. Our partnership with Blue Prism gives global companies an immediate way to future-proof their businesses by developing their own digital workforce to assist their human workforce," Falkenberg concludes.

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