IVF, miscarriage, endometriosis, menopause and infertility are some of the topics that are uncovered by the campaign. 

The series aims to educate, empower and evoke emotion by showcasing the unknown reality around wombs and periods. It also aims to disrupt myths and half-truths.

"Depictions of real blood, heavy details around the emotional and physical torment — and heartbreaking specifics about the losses and effects — are what makes the 'Wombstories' so overwhelming and ground-breaking," says Libresse.

Working with women through the Bloem Girls Rock Foundation and, as an and advocate for women empowerment, it was naturally fitting that Digital Shero takes on this assignment. It has, for years, invested and cultivated a culture in which young adults are aware of their bodies and has given them the tools to live a healthy and inspired life, adds the brand.

Digital Shero says that it is passionate about changing lives and is certain that it will contribute to Libresse's core purpose of driving impact and conversation and normalising dialogues that are often depicted as shameful.

The company intends to connect and resonate with ordinary women while creating a hub of women to post, disclose and share their personal journey.

"The power of knowledge is an important part of what we impart to the all the women we work with. This campaign is really a reflection of what we value and Digital Shero is elated to be a part of this campaign," says Mags Shivanda, founder and managing director of Digital Shero.

"We will support women and help them reclaim their power by enabling them to know themselves better. Launching this campaign on a digital platform comes at advantage because the discussions will naturally expand and in that way, even those on the sidelines, are able to learn and gain something valuable from it," concludes Shivanda.

This is the first time that the pioneering global series is implemented in South Africa. It thrives to get rid of the simplistic narrative and blanket approach that women's experiences are the same.

For more information, visit www.digitalshero.co.za