Playing on the double meaning of a 'nugget' being a piece of valuable knowledge or insight, the campaign launches with a series of films that share humorous, bite-size advice for everyday life.

Directed by Greg Gray of Romance Films, the first three films in the campaign each introduce a lead character who is faced with a tricky choice to make.

Each time, the protagonists pause to gain some inspiration from a SoulBite (chewing on a Nugget of Wisdom, so to speak) which reveals to them the potentially disastrous consequences that could follow a wrong decision. Ultimately, they make the right decision, making SoulBites synonymous with the street-smart wisdom that saves the day.

"Chicken Licken® is a brand that has earned the appreciation of its audience by constantly striving to bring them relatable and uniquely South African entertainment," says Xolisa Dyeshana, integrated chief creative officer at Joe Public United.

"This allows the brand to tackle even the most serious topics in the most engaging and humorous way … we saw that with the Soulful Nation campaign during our country’s first hard lockdown, and now again as the brand is even making South Africans see the dangers of borrowing from umashonisa (a loan shark) in its typical tongue-in-cheek style," adds Dyeshana.

"As always, we are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Chicken Licken® to create work that grows the brand, because growth is always the driving purpose behind everything we do. It's inspiring to have the creative freedom to achieve that and to demonstrate time and again that creative work really works," adds Dyeshana. 

Chicken Licken® recently won 20 Loerie Awards including four Golds, as well as eight Pendorings, and according to the brand, this is a testament to its commitment to growing itself through true South African creativity. It was also lauded as Brand of the Year at the Loeries for the third year in a row.

The campaign is set to continue through December and will roll out across media platforms into 2022.

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