media update's Talisa Carlson puts on her french beret and gets into the world of croissants and baguettes. Ready for Paris?

If your answer was oui (pronounced wee) then let's start off by taking a brief moment to look at Emily. She was transferred from the windy city, Chicago, to a marketing firm in Paris to bring an American perspective to the table.

Now, there are two things to take note of:
  1. Emily can't speak a word of French.
  2. She was definitely thrown in the deep end.
With this in mind, let's take a look at what marketers can learn from her and how this can benefit your overall marketing strategy for 2022.

Ready to wander the streets of Paris? Let's do it:

1. Be your own #1 supporter

The marketing industry can be a tough space to work in; as such, you need a thick skin to receive criticism on new ideas that you may have for a current or new client. This can be demotivating or knock your self-esteem. During times like these, it is essential to remember that you need to be your own number one supporter.

Emily moved to an entirely new country without friends, family, or known collegues. Although it was hard, she had her own back, supported herself and — above all — believed in her vision.

This is exactly the type of attitude that you need to take into 2022, especially with the number of competitors out there. (How do you say, "You got this," in French?)

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2. Show your passion

As a marketer, you should be passionate about the campaigns you work on and the clients you work with. It is vital that your passion shines through — not only in your work but also in your personal life. Consumers want to see more of the 'human side' of brands and allowing your passionate side to shine will do just that.

Additionally, being passionate will reassure the client that they are indeed with the right agency and the right people for their brand.

Emily is extremely passionate about the marketing industry and it shows. Although she is allowing that passionate side to shine through, she is still professional in front of her clients. This is exactly what all marketers need to do. May your passion for marketing stand as tall as the Eiffel Tower (which is 1 063 feet, just btw).

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3. Build strong relationships

We are all well-acquainted with the saying "Don't burn bridges". But it might be time to rephrase that to, "Add concrete to your bridges". You might have a great relationship with a certain client, but it is important that you constantly keep working on that relationship. Just like any bridge, maintenance is key or things will start to crumble. Your excellent relationship with that client still requires work and attention.

Strong relationships with your clients open the door for more opportunities and teach you more about different people and their interests. This can be truly beneficial for marketers, especially since these relationships can provide them with new insights and perspectives into the client’s objectives.

This is something that Emily definitely does. Even when a client loves her idea and likes her as a person, she still focuses on building and maintaining that relationship. So, it might seem at times that Emily is trying too hard, but let's just say that 2022 should be the year of going the extra mile.

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4. Take risks

As a marketer, you know just how important it is to take risks. Playing it safe might work for some brands, but there are some that need a little spice added. Marketers need to take risks because "the landscape is just too crowded, and consumers are too distracted," according to Carl Marci, contributor for MarketingProfs.

Emily is not afraid to take risks, and although some of them have landed her in some hot water, sometimes it definitely paid off. This is the type of attitude that marketers can take into their next brainstorming session.

If you have an idea that seems a bit out there, don’t just keep it to yourself — share it with your marketing team and get their input.

You can be risky without being a risk!
For example, Emily suggested that one of their clients, which is a luggage company, to print an image of famous designer Pierre Cadeau on their bag. This is truly a bold move but the brand loved the idea and the designer also grew fond of the concept. Although taking risks can be truly beneficial always remember to first run it past your client and all other parties involved. 

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5. Don't try to fit in

We are sure that if you had R1 for every time someone said, "Don’t try and fit in because you were born to stand out," you would have probably been a billionaire by now. Yet, this is still something that all marketers need to be reminded of every now and again. And what better time than in the new year.

Standing out will allow other clients or agencies to notice your work and see that you are good at what you do. Emily knows that she can’t speak French, but she does know that she is amazing at marketing. Through this approach, she stands out by being confident in who she is and what she has to say. And voilà — just like that, not fitting in proves to pay off.

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What are some other tips that marketers can take from Emily in Paris? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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