Under the direction of Santi Chávez, the piece stands out for its specially crafted production and powerful aesthetics, says the brand.

'Freshness' emerges as a reaffirmation of Imperial, a brand that, by blending German brewing tradition with Costa Rican taste, has consistently embodied joy and enjoyment since its inception — always delivering its best version, says Cerveza Imperial.

"This campaign arrives with compelling insight, creative input from today and a powerful aesthetic and narrative proposal centred on its freshest iteration — straight from the brewery into the hands of consumers," Cerveza Imperial adds. 

"The production design was one of the most challenging aspects," says Matías Mendelevich, CEO and founding partner of Fértil. "Working on pieces with a strong emphasis on craft is always gratifying."

"For this campaign, entirely filmed in Costa Rica, we developed scenographic constructions with a vintage-postmodern look. Sandro Angobaldo's work in art was pivotal throughout this process, from costume design to set construction. We utilised Artificial Intelligence tools for visualisations of aesthetic and cinematic proposals," adds Mendelevich.  

"Imperial arrives and remains as fresh as no other beer on every table, bar or occasion, consistently offering its best version. Demonstrating our commitment to quality, we decided to run this campaign to showcase our intrinsic credentials, affirming our leadership in the country," says Hernán Ugarte, Category Beer's marketing manager.

"It's been three years since we've been signing for Cerveza Imperial, the most important brand in Costa Rica. It feels great when a client calls you back, reaffirming that our processes and results meet objectives," says Tarek Pérez Alvarado, executive producer and founding partner of Fértil.

"As Peruvians, we are proud to export talent and have our pieces break boundaries in other countries. Costa Rica is a country with immense talent, and we feel very comfortable with the local team with whom we've been filming for three years," adds Pérez Alvarado.

"They have demonstrated a level of professionalism that allows us to tackle increasingly complex challenges with confidence and support. The client has given us significant freedom to propose aesthetically and narratively," concludes Pérez Alvarado.

For more information, visit www.imperialbeerusa.com. You can also follow Cerveza Imperial on Facebook, X or on Instagram.