As a marketer, you need to find marketing tactics that work for both your brand and the consumer — and this is by no means an easy task. Finding that balance can be a challenge, but fear not because we know exactly what you need! 

Mindful marketing is the marketing tool you've been searching for!

Read on as media update's Saads Abrahams shares a beginner's guide to mindful marketing.

What is mindful marketing?

So let's get into it: What exactly is mindful marketing? 

Well, according to this article, "mindful marketing carries an important mission to cultivate mindful consumption through effective, efficient and ethical ways, while instantaneously considering the interests of both buyers and sellers."

Why mindful marketing?

Now that we know what it means, we can classify it as a form of positive marketing. This is a great approach because it contributes to your brand's:
  • social responsibility
  • environmental involvement
  • consumer, and
  • societal well-being.

Why is it important?

Let's think about it … every single time you open up an app on your phone, whether it is a social media app or a game, what pops up? A million and one adverts blast all over your screen, and if you don't want to see or listen to an advert, you either have to wait to close it, or you'll have to buy the premium version.

Now, while the copious adverts might make you buy the premium version, the actual adverts just seem like annoying noise. And most of the time, you want nothing to do with that product or service just because of the way you came across it. 

This is where mindful marketing shines — it is not something that is constantly in your face

The concept of mindful marketing is significant because it shows that marketers are embracing a more conscious and introspective approach to how they convey the benefits they offer. 

They carefully choose:
  • who they interact with 
  • when and where they do so, and 
  • what topics they touch upon.

The benefits of mindful marketing

Implementing mindful marketing has major benefits for your business or brand that can be difficult to achieve with traditional forms of marketing

Let's take a look at what the benefits of mindful marketing are: 
  • It humanises your brand or business.
  • The approach leaves a lasting impact.
  • It places a focus on value over the service or product.
  • Mindful marketing builds brand loyalty.
  • It places importance on the brand's purpose.
  • The approach encourages inclusivity, diversity and equality.

How to implement mindful marketing

Well, now that we know the benefits of mindful marketing, it's time to start implementing it into your marketing strategy. 

Here are a few ways in which you can start the implementation process:
  • Take time to define your brand's purpose and values.
  • Take a look at your marketing efforts and change the focus from selling to serving your clients.
  • Make a conscious choice of who your target audience is; your brand cannot be for everyone. 
  • Find out what is important to the people you aim to serve. You want their attention, so show them that their attention is extremely valuable to you.
  • Do intensive research on where your audience is spending the majority of their time; you don't want to be everywhere on every platform. 

Why mindful marketing works

Think about how many adverts you are exposed to daily. 

Frankly, it's quite overwhelming and outdated. Marketers need to remember that consumers are becoming more and more conscious of who and what they spend their time and attention on. 

Look at the PR unboxing that influencers do — especially on TikTok. When the package they receive is full of unnecessary plastic and packaging, the majority of comments on the video are about how wasteful all that packaging is. 

This is something that marketers should take note of because, no matter how amazing the product is, people care about the ethical and sustainable standing of a brand.


What are your thoughts on mindful marketing? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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*Image courtesy of Canva
** Information sourced from IGI Global, Mindful Consumption, LinkedIn, Limit Breaker