Get ready to party because media update is turning nine! That is right, we are almost tweens! 

We are celebrating this auspicious occasion by listing our top nine favourite and most memorable marketing pieces that we posted over the last year.

Each member of the team picked two favourite pieces, and we have an extra overall team favourite at the very end.

Did your favourite make the cut? Did you miss any of our favourites? Find out below!

So, without further ado …. 

Pop the confetti, because media update is celebrating our ninth birthday. 

Saads Abrahams — Content Creator

6 Things marketers can learn from Dr Seuss

Dr Suess

Marketers can get inspiration from the most random of places — and what is more random than Green Eggs and Ham

This Dr Seuss piece was a favourite because I never thought I would be able to get marketing tips from a children's author. Yet here we are with six quirky tips from an incredible author who brought us masterpieces like Sam I Am and Cat in the Hat.

This marketing Q&A is a personal fav because Silke is just so insightful when it comes to marketing to the younger generation. Coke is a brand that has managed to appeal to every generation

In this Q&A, Silke gives marketing advice on how to reach Gen Z's and what they are attracted to. If you are looking for an in-depth piece on marketing to the younger generation — I highly recommend giving this a read. 

Alrika Moller — Content Creator

I am a major Disney fan, which is why I was not going to let the '100 Years of Disney' celebrations go by without acknowledging it. 

Writing this was truly special because I got the chance to go through a long list of Disney films and reminisce about my favourites.

With each film, I was surprised by the amount of wisdom and lessons that marketers can find in the most unlikely places. 

Marketing tips from Tim Burton

Tim Burton

This piece came out during Halloween month. It was so much fun to take a trip through the spooky and peculiar world of Tim Burton. 

At media update, we believe that marketing advice can be found in any film, series or occasion, but Tim Burton was a surprise

The tips found in this piece are about as interesting as the films themselves. 

This one was a gift from me to all my fellow Tim Burton fans! 

Emma Schumann — Proofreader

Casey Mantle

We all know that influencers are the top thing at the moment, and the power of women should never be underestimated. So, when you combine the two, you get a powerhouse — female influencers. 

This Q&A with Casey Mantle unpacks the role of female influencers and how they are reshaping the marketing industry.

It's a must-read for anyone wanting to know how female influencers are bringing their views into focus, overcoming gender biases and showing the industry ways to amplify female voices

This piece reminds me of the change that is possible when women empower women

Cause Marketing

Showing the public that you care is an important element in any marketing strategy or campaign. It lets people know that you are aware of the issues going on in the world and that you are willing to do your part to help

People love it when a brand is passionate about a cause and pledges its support.

Speaking from personal experience, consumers feel good about supporting a brand that cares about the values that are important to its customers. 

This is the perfect guide on how to create opportunities for community involvement that align with your brand's ethos.  

Robyn du Preez — Deputy Editor

Around 2023, Folk Wunderman Thompson highlighted that brands need to adapt and depict the family unit more accurately to better represent the contemporary unit. This is just one example of how family-focussed marketing was brought into the spotlight in 2023. 

In this article, media update spoke to Jodi Law, the brand manager at Wimpy. Law revealed how to market to audiences that are family-oriented and why it's important — even now — to consider this audience in marketing efforts. 

E-sports guru Ashton Muller provided a glimpse into the gaming space and the growth that this industry has seen in 2023, especially within the context of South Africa. 

With younger generations pooling into gaming, Muller argued that not only will we see marketing adapt to meet audiences in e-sports but that new careers will result from this as well.

This conversation highlighted that we can expect to see significantand exciting — changes in marketing in upcoming years.  

media update pick

Yes, it is true …  we got swept up in the Barbie fever, and we are not afraid to say it. 

The marketing for Barbie: The Movie was on another level. It was so good that it went viral and had its own hashtag. '#barbiemoviemarketing'.

This piece looks at the many different marketing campaigns of this film and how they used different marketing avenues and methods to reach as many people as possible. 

It was a true marketing masterclass and we loved every moment!

Do you have a favourite piece that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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