The only digital report in South Africa, it provides the digital media and marketing industry with accurate and reliable data about the digital investment landscape in the country. 

In 2024, the organisation once again calls on industry stakeholders to participate by completing an anonymised short online survey, the results of which will be aggregated to quantify the scope of Internet revenues based on actual figures. 

According to IAB SA, the objective is to provide insights on market spend by platform, channel and vertical and identify key trends that are set to impact the industry over the coming months. 

"The industry's input for the annual report is vital as we get to measure year-on-year what the state of online advertising is in South Africa. IAB across the globe provides such a report in partnership with PwC, and we are looking forward to seeing the insights from the South African market," says Razia Pillay, CEO at IAB South Africa. 

"The IAB South Africa has chosen to place a focus on generative AI in 2024, and while the 2023 report touched on new digital innovations and technology, such as the metaverse and applications of AI, we are still optimising the current advertising landscape," Pillay adds. 

"There are exciting opportunities to leverage as we see an uptake in AI capabilities in the years to come. Together, we can benchmark online ad spend on an annual basis so we urge agencies to contribute," says Pillay. 

Reliable data, relevant insights 

Historically, the Online AdSpend Report has received widespread participation from industry stakeholders, resulting in data that assists marketers in making informed and strategic digital investment decisions. 

These include:
  • deeper insights into online media revenue in South Africa
  • data-driven decision-making for the South African digital media landscape
  • quantified evidence of online media growth compared to traditional media in South Africa, and
  • benchmarking of South African online media trends against global markets.
Clare Trafankowska, IAB SA research and measurement council member and managing director at iProspect South Africa, says, "While this report has evolved since its inception, at its core, it has always been about research and measurement, which are the foundations for providing data and insights needed to make informed decisions in the digital world." 

Trafankowska adds, "By understanding audiences, measuring campaigns and optimising strategies, marketers can maximise their impact and achieve their business goals."

Participate in the 2024 Online AdSpend Report

The IAB South Africa Internet Advertising Report, which is conducted by PwC, is open to all in the digital media and marketing industry.

While a significant number of agencies and publishers contribute to the IAB South Africa Internet Advertising Revenue Report survey, more information is required to better understand how to participate. 

Those interested in participating are encouraged to attend the national online workshop on Monday, 18 March at 10:00. The workshop will provide further context around the survey and how it supports the wider agenda of the industry, says IAB SA. 

Individuals can register for the IAB SA / PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report Workshop here

"We encourage agencies, brands and publishers to participate in 2024's survey, as increased participation leads to improved outcomes, specifically the study's generalisability and reliability," says Paula Hulley, Advertising Revenue Report lead of the IAB South Africa research and measurement council and managing director at Digitas Liquorice. 

"Participants are further invited to ask questions during the workshop, which will help the council align the study even further with industry needs," Hulley concludes. 

To participate in the survey, individuals can e-mail PwC will facilitate the gathering and curation of the data. The survey is open for participation until Friday, 19 April. 

The 2023 IAB South Africa Internet Advertising Revenue Report (Online AdSpend Report) is available to IAB South Africa members on the IAB portal. Participants of the 2023 report can access the report by contacting To become an IAB South Africa member, one can now easily sign up on this website

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