The Expansive name was inspired by the duo, which aims to help people live lives that are constantly expanding in terms of possibility and purpose. A new podcast is released every week and seven are currently available. They are: 
  • A Primer on 10X Thinking
  • Disruption and Finding the Right People
  • Supercharging your Life with Excitement, Curiosity and Courage
  • Being Expansive through Applying Accretion
  • Revolt with Love
  • The Ease and Excitement of Money
  • I am NOT Responsible for your Success: Accountability
Each podcast takes the form of a fairly informal discussion between Sanei and Kruger. The duo shares the highs and lows of their personal and professional journeys and unpacks how they find opportunity in challenge and high-performance in mediocrity.

Since Sanei is in Dubai and Kruger is in Johannesburg; together,  they aim to bring a uniquely 'glocal' perspective that is entertaining, informative, shape-shifting and thought-provoking. Topics are decided on an ad hoc basis and the average length of each podcast is 17 minutes.

Individuals can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes as well as Spotify