Why should advertisers consider utilising radio for effective messaging during the lockdown period? Well, the answer lies in what content audiences are engaging with during that time. 

News, comedy and entertainment content were most consumed via podcasts over the first week of lockdown, and 38% of the Jacaranda FM and 27% of East Coast Radio’s audiences searched for music or entertainment podcasts.

While social media is often used to gain information quickly, audiences will use radio to qualify the information shared across social media platforms and rely on radio presenters to give more in-depth information around COVID-19.

COVID-19 specific content is still relevant with audiences, with 38% of the combined audiences searching for daily updates. The Breakfast with Martin Bester team has spoken to several guests to gain useful information for audiences.

From medical professionals to pharmaceuticals, retailers have provided audiences with quality information around symptoms of COVID-19 and also how to make one's own hand sanitiser.

According to the survey, music remains a big part of radio audiences' day-to-day life. Consistent listenership from 06:00 to 18:00 illustrated that 63% of the East Coast Radio audience said they would stream a music concert.

Jacaranda FM has embraced the '#StayAtHomeLive' hashtag on its website to help inform listeners about live music concerts hosted by local stars, such as Jimmy Nevis and Loki Rothman.

Video content is also a favourite among audiences; 88% of Jacaranda FM's audience consumed video content during the first week of lockdown, compared to 89% of East Coast Radio's audience.

According to the radio stations, short-form video provides advertisers an opportunity to get their message across to a captive audience. Branded content is equally relevant now, as well as the opportunity to incorporate product placement into video content.

Overall, audiences are consuming multiple content types, including music, news and entertainment across multiple platforms. By engaging with these ecosystems, advertisers have the opportunity to join these conversations.

These engagements offer advertisers numerous opportunities to lean into these conversations and pass on their messaging to a highly captive audience.

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