The show has introduced the cast of the show, which will be airing every Friday from August to November 2020. The show is presented by Donovan Goliath and will be starring violinist Davina Gordon, comedians Lihle Msimang and Mojak Lehoko, as well as rapper Rouge.

"The Lite Show is a wrap up of weekly news headlines with a comic spin and its purpose is to give South Africans an opportunity to be in the know, while enjoying a good laugh," says Goliath.

"Each of the cast members bring in something different to the show ensuring that they deliver well-packaged content for South Africans to enjoy. We wanted to give consumers an opportunity to always stay on top of the news without any clutter or negativity," adds Goliath.

"We wanted to bring a positive spin on the new,s while helping our viewers get used to a new idea of moving forward during the new normal," Goliath says. 

Msimang holds a three year bachelor of arts degree in performance arts and filmmaking and has appeared in several television shows. She takes viewers through what was trending on social media with her 'Like' or 'Retweet' segment, adding a humorous twist to the content.

Emmy nominated comedian and writer Lehoko will aim to offer viewers tips on how to survive the new normal by bringing in his satirical background to the show.

With music being part of Castle Lite's repertoire, Gordon will provide background music to the show, acting as South Africa's very own version of The Roots. SAMA nominated rapper Rouge closes of the show with a weekly feature by 'rapping up' some of the trending topics of the week through a freestyle backed by Mojak on the beat and Davina on the violin.

Viewers are invited to catch The Lite Show every Friday on Castle Lite's official YouTube channel CastleLiteSA

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