The stations says that since the sound went live in August, listeners have been putting their best guesses forward to wiin the prize of R50 000. This amount was doubled should the winner have placed their bet on Lottoland's website.

"This feature remains one of the most exciting and engaging in Cape Town. There is nothing nicer than putting smiles on faces — especially during difficult times like these. Not only was Cindy in tears but everyone listening too," says Smile 90.4FM's managing director Lois O'Brien.

Arendse says that her friend and herself had kept a spreadsheet of all the guesses made on the sound and, while her son was doing his school studies, she was 'studying The Smile Secret Sound'.

"I can't believe we cracked it! It is such a blessing, two family's lives have been changed today and that is what makes me even happier," says Arendse. 

When asked what she will be doing with the money, Arendse said she will be putting it to good use as paying off debt and paying her sons school fees for 2020. 

"Lottoland South Africa are thrilled that, together with Smile 90.4FM, we've made a South African R100 000 richer," concludes Lottoland marketing director Maryke Haywood.

Listeners are encouraged to catch the new Smile Secret Sound every weekday on Smile Breakfast at 07:20 and 08:20. 

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