Jason Aarons, JZA's editor in chief and publishing director of Isikhova Media, says, "Both JZA, SA Jewellery News and CoNNEct Agency have a deep passion for our respective local and global jewellery brands and the extremely talented and innovative designers behind them."

"We all made proactive and sound strategic decisions in March to transform aspects of our businesses into fully functional online experiences and meet the changing and challenging landscape of COVID-19 head-on," adds Aarons.

"Our collaboration will embrace editorial opportunities, brand introductions, marketing and promotions, connecting retail-consumers and trade (manufacturers and wholesalers) to jewellery storyboards worldwide, mentorship and an ongoing ideas exchange," Aarons says.

Nina Dzhokhadze, founder of CoNNect Agency, says, "CoNNect Agency works with emerging jewellery designers from all over the world and helps them develop brand awareness and growth."

"In today's changing and fast-developing world, we have adapted and created our own unique way to promote brands. Our mission is to help independent designers engage with their customers' lives and to assist innovative and upcoming talented designers in raising their international profile," adds Dzhokhadze.

"Our focus and expertise lie in wholesale distribution, while our aim is to introduce brands to new markets and maximise their presence in a worldwide retail sector," Dzhokhadze concludes.

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