In the first two seasons of the show, a 17-minute episode was broadcast live every Tuesday morning. The episodes were designed to help start the day, after which the show was available online.

The new season's episodes will release online in a podcast / video-cast format, enabling viewing on multiple streaming platforms and more flexibility for global audiences. One episode will release per week, says Nicklin.

The new season will aim to bring to life conversations about the importance of empathy and understanding in our tumultuous and disconnected world. Nicklin says that she will host experts, professionals and well-known faces from across the globe to lead insightful, mind-changing conversations over a cup of tea or breakfast.

South African celebrity chef Zola Nene will feature on the show and the duo will discuss how food can bring people together and increase mutual understanding.

Debi Steven from the nonprofit organisation Action Breaks Silence will share her experience in the field of gender-based violence. 

"Our mission is to get the world familiar with, talking about and aware of what empathy is and why need it. I deeply believe that the more the world talks about empathy, the more empathy we will have. There has never been a time when we need it more than now," says Nicklin.

The show concludes that, with a deep belief that "we are more alike than we are different," it will aim to unpack the human stories and experience of business leaders, creatives and trailblazers globally, leading us all to all to a deeper curiosity and insight into our people and our world.

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