According to eNCA, news has become a vital part of our daily lives in the time of Covid-19. eNCA adds that it has changed, adapted and innovated during this period to bring viewers credible and relevant news content that has made it South Africa's leading news channel.

Over the past year, eNCA has introduced a senior management team with:
  • Norman Munzhelele heading the channel as managing director
  • Vimla Frank as deputy managing director, who is overseeing operations and marketing
  • John Bailey as managing editor, who in charge of editorial
  • Nisa Allie as regional manager of eNCA in the Western Cape, and
  • Jody Jacobs as broadcasting manager, who is managing broadcast and logistics.
The channel says that the team is diverse, comprising various age groups, ethnic backgrounds and work experience that collectively make up a substantial and combined leadership skillset within eNCA.

"eNCA has proudly lived up to its positioning statement 'no fear no favour' and remains free of bias in all news coverage. The channel has moved from strength to strength and has become a harmonious, dynamic environment," says Norman Munzhelele, eNCA's managing director.

"Our team is passionate, committed and dedicated to delivering superior news content. We have a critical role to play in empowering our nation with fair and balanced news," adds Munzhelele.

"It is no mean feat to have retained 80% of news viewership since the start of the pandemic and this bears testament to the quality of our team and the credibility of our news content," says John Bailey, eNCA's managing editor.

"During Covid-19, journalism has come into sharp focus as viewers are challenged to differentiate fact from fake news. Having regional news hubs has helped provide on-the-spot coverage and our teams are diligent about ensuring that they report factually and without bias in all instances," says Nisa Allie, regional manager of eNCA in the Western Cape.

The channel has invested in the largest video wall screen in the southern hemisphere and introduced ARTI, an award-winning augmented reality broadcast tool.

"Covid-19 was indeed a key catalyst that resulted in us being more agile and streamlined. Television news is largely about the visual experience and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our product," says eNCA broadcast manager Jody Jacobs.

"The introduction of the video wall and ARTI allows us to use technology in an innovative way to enhance our viewers' experience. We look forward to moving into our new world-class studios in June 2021," adds Jacobs.

eNCA has additionally refreshed its on-air presence with updated programme titles, logos and promos, as well as reclaimed its original 'No Fear. No Favour' positioning; its nationwide 'anti-corruption marketing campaign was in line with this.

"We thought long and hard about what we stand for as a channel and realised that the ‘No Fear. No Favour' positioning that we are known for remains the perfect fit. It resonates both with our viewers and our team and is integrated into everything we say and do," says Vimla Frank, the deputy managing director.

"We've also had to find new ways of working to safeguard our team during Covid-19 while continuing to deliver quality news content. Our technical and editorial teams were brilliant in how they adapted to change. We have a lot of exciting plans for the channel but viewers will have to stay tuned to find out more," concludes Frank. 

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