Advanced television or ATV is an umbrella term for the multitude of ways that you can stream content on a television.

Advanced TV benefits the modern consumer because it is affordable due to the flexible payment structures that come with it. Moreover, it gives viewers access to unlimited content and allows them to tailor their viewing according to their interests. 

The three different types of ATV include:

1. Subscription video-on-demand (SVoD)

This type of subscription allows users to access an endless content library in exchange for a flat rate fee — like with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. 

2. Connected TV (CTV)

This type of television can connect to the Internet, allowing you to stream content online over and above any pay-TV subscriptions. Smart TVs are a fitting example of this type of ATV. 

Connected TV applies to televisions that are used as display screens to stream online content. 

3. Over-the-top devices (OTT)

Similar to connected TV, over-the-top devices allow viewers to stream content from the Internet. This functionality is either built into the device (Smart TV) or accessible through an additional device, like an Apple TV. 

It differs from connected TV because you don't need a subscription to satellite TV services to access online content. 

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*Image courtesy of Unsplash