These social posts aim to inspire motorists and pedestrians to become 'road safety heroes'. "If we all change our bad driving habits, we have the power to reduce our national road carnage — provided we work together towards this common goal during Transport Month," says Phillip Kekana, Puma Energy road safety ambassador.

"We have partnered with Active Education and will embark on a road safety roadshow in KwaZulu-Natal. We will provide the children with knowledge and glow bands, so they are visible to motorists. The interactive '#BeRoadSafe' lessons aim to motivate these young people to teach their community and elders," Kekana adds. 

"The children will be encouraged to take '#BeRoadSafe Safies' to alert the community of road risks so they stay safe during their daily travels," he says. Puma Energy has been striving to actively educate children across the globe to '#BeRoadSafe' for almost a decade.

However, according to Puma Energy, road traffic accidents continue as the biggest cause of childhood deaths in South Africa. Puma Energy says that we all have a vital role to play to change the course of road safety.

Over the next month, Puma Energy, Phillip Kekana and road safety partner Active Education will visit several schools in the KwaZulu-Natal region to continue the efforts of empowering the youth to be responsible road users.

Seggie Kistasamy, general manager of Puma Energy South Africa, says, "A simple act of driving mobile-free can be the difference between life and death. If we all consciously drive better, we can lower road fatalities."

"We believe the children that take up the '#BeRoadSafe' challenge will become our country's shield. They will become the guardians that constantly remind motorists to be alert and help us reduce senseless road deaths," adds Kistasamy.

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