"'Nahana' means to 'think' or 'imagine' in Sesotho and conveys the rationale for the group's composition," says Morris. "As a group, we believe that — using the power of creative thinking and imagination — we are able to help our people and our clients achieve extraordinary things and more than they ever thought possible."

"Sometimes 'nahana' is used to express a sense of disbelief, as if to say 'I’ll believe it when I see it' or ironically saying 'can you imagine that?' We like that because there will always be people who doubt the power of creative thinking, and we love proving them wrong," adds Morris.

Morris says that Nahana comprises numerous specialist agencies with their own independent structures, cultures and management teams, as well as a desire to work together where synergy exists.

The Nahana Communications Group comprises:
  • digital specialist Hellocomputer
  • media agencies The MediaShop and Meta Media
  • content creator Fuelcontent
  • public relations consultancy Weber Shandwick
  • full-service agencies McCann1886, HelloFCB+ and FCB Joburg
  • socio-economic development arm Nahana Foundation
"We've been managing complex integration for many of South Africa's favourite brands for decades. We've evolved and refined this approach to one that embraces open architecture. We say we work with data in our spine, insight in our heart and creativity in our blood," he says.

"Our mission is to engage clients early, intelligently and collaboratively — to tackle the business problem, not just the creative task. The aim, very simply, is to connect and integrate the best resources for a client regardless of where those resources reside within Nahana," Morris adds. 

Morris says that the group has a strong transformation ambition at its core spanning leadership, inclusivity and belonging. "Our ambition is to become a model for transformation by using all our resources and creativity to help build a sustainable economy for all South Africans," he says.

"By being representative of the demographics of the country and creating an environment that is intentionally and deliberately inclusive, every single one of us will be able to meaningfully and authentically contribute to work that truly resonates with all South Africans," Morris concludes.

For more information, visit www.nahanagroup.com. You can also follow Nahana Communications on Twitter or on Instagram.