Clover Mama Afrika is a sustainable corporate social investment project that was launched in 2004. Over the years, the project has hosted 397 training sessions with over 2 182 beneficiaries. The Crazy Afro technique that the quilters were being taught involves a lot of hand embroidery, using a variety of stitches and charms. 

"The quilt block starts off plain, but the hand embroidery adds to its uniqueness," says Professor Elain Vlok, corporate services manager at Clover. "The quilters concurred that hand embroidery is a wonderful skill that they can do at any time. They now have another way of using their scrap pieces of fabric and that is to create Crazy Afro quilts where each block tells a story."

Clover Mama Afrika teaches and guides strong females ('Mamas') in communities all over the country. This is to build their skills, as well as sustain and improve their own community projects. According to Clover, only the most committed are enrolled and these include women looking after orphans, the elderly and those suffering from HIV / Aids.

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