More often than not, business owners and organisations do not acknowledge the importance of Public Relations and the integration of such business functions into their business objectives. They, should, however, consider the advantages that comes with PR.

Part of getting your business back to its normal performance means creating awareness for it and its services. Without clients, there is no business and to get new clients, you need to create awareness for your services / products. This is exactly what PR does. 

A habitual blunder that many make regarding PR communications is that they think it is more of a privilege than an essential service for any successful business. Due to the lockdown, many more businesses chose to cut their PR budgets. This is an exceptionally bad business move.

Nkosana Mkwananzi, PR professional at the DCF, says, "Businesses are overlooking the role that PR plays; we do far more than we get credit for. Businesses often make public statements and at most fail to convey their message as they should."

"This is where PR comes, helping the business gain third party endorsements, while managing crises and restoring compromised reputations," Mkwananzi adds.  

Public Relations does not only allow for direct interaction with the consumer compared to other marketing tactics, it also helps with crisis management and to restore company reputation.

PR is a cost-effective tactic in creating brand awareness, compared to other marketing tactics such as promotions and advertising. This is what every business needs post lockdown: a cost-effective way to market their product or services to the right people.

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