media update’s Taylor Goodman reveals three ways to bring creativity out in your PR team. 

For most people, creativity is not the first thing that springs to mind when they think about PR. This couldn't be further from the truth, however, as creative thinking plays a key role in the daily lives of PR pros

This is because those working in the industry need to be on the ball, constantly drumming up innovative pitches, enticing bylines, campaign ideas and clever solutions to whatever crisis they’re faced with. 

Unfortunately, creativity can often be lost amongst the millions of other things on a PR manager’s to do list. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help you to get out of that slump.

Here are three ways that you can foster creativity and boost morale in your PR team:

1. Promote flexibility in the workplace

Given the changes going on in the world right now, many businesses have started working remotely, making this the perfect environment for a flexible work schedule. 

Brands like Google and Facebook are known for introducing ‘scheduled free time’ for their employees in order to encourage creativity and increase productivity. This free time is allegedly behind the formation of Gmail and Google Maps

In a flexible work environment, the employee can:
  • create their own work schedule
  • decide where they work from, and
  • schedule their tasks according to what works best for them.
With this being said, a flexible work environment should still have its boundaries to optimise productivity. 

An example of this is if your team is allowed to choose their working hours; everyone should still work certain compulsory hours together. This will ensure that there are a few hours every day when everyone is available for team or client meetings. 

The number one benefit of a flexible work environment is a better work-life balance.

When your team works flexible hours, they are less likely to be overworked and experience burnout. They could then use their downtime to spend time with family or to de-stress. This could increase productivity and lead to a happier team over time as employees will gain a sense of autonomy, thus feeling more empowered in the workplace. 

2. Make the workplace a stimulating environment

A great way to get your team into a creative mindset is by making the office a fun and inventive place to work. 

Creating a sensory work environment can help your team to get out of the rut of daily routine, and it can be done by making simple changes to your office. 

Cultivating a more stimulative office space can come from small changes like giving your employees stress balls to keep their hands busy while they think. Or, by buying a whiteboard and markers where employees can brainstorm ideas. 

Sound also plays a big role in getting the creative juices flowing. The office can be a noisy place and overhearing other people’s voices while you work can be distracting to your team. 

You can avoid this by providing earphones for your team to wear when they want some private time. But, in doing so, ensure that outside of the private spaces there are collaborative setups. 

You could also take things to the next level by including plants, artwork or even mood lighting into your office. Remember, If your employees’ brains are stimulated by their environment, they will be more creative. 

3. Focus on employee wellness

Many businesses tend to neglect the mental health of their employees for the sake of trying to get as much out of them as possible — and this mindset can be a major hindrance on creativity. 

You may be asking yourself: ‘how does employee wellness influence creativity?’ Well, if your team is constantly on the move, they may experience burnout and become stressed out and anxious. Stress kills creativity because the employee will not be able to have any time for innovation if they have too much on their plate. 

This means the better your team’s mental health, the more productive they will be. In turn, the more productive your team is, the more creative they will be. 

You can promote employee wellness in your team by doing the following:
  • Reserve judgement: When it comes to fostering creativity and promoting wellness in the workplace, judgement can put a real damper on innovation. Rather encourage your team to share ideas openly. Nothing is wrong or off limits.
  • Encourage your team to take breaks: As previously said, stress and creativity are not friends. To avoid employee burnout, encourage your team to take regular breaks where they can chat to their colleagues, walk around or do nothing at all. 
  • Cultivate positivity: Nobody can be creative if they are working in a negative environment. Make room for playfulness, spontaneity and humour in the workplace to foster innovation.
  • Promote open communication: To ensure that your team is doing well mentally, it is essential to encourage open and honest communication. Create an environment where if an employee is struggling, they are able to come to you for guidance. 
PR pros, what is your top tip for cultivating creativity within your team? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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